Increasing access to diverse books.

About Us

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Since 2017, ReadWheel has served families who search for diverse children’s books in Vienna. In 2019, our School Initiative was created and has helped educators bring thoughtful and respectful diverse books into their classrooms.


Our mobile library focuses on exposing families to the world of diverse children’s literature available. Our book apotheke gives ears to your book challenges. We dig and search to find the best possible fit to reach you. 


We work with families, educators, social workers, and researchers, to provide quality children’s literature for those they serve. By providing support through book recommendations and giving them access to our library.  Our vision is to offer children the mirrors, windows and sliding doors into worlds they normally would not discover.

Our Team

Naa Anorkor

Book-loving heart

Naa is the woman whose book-loving heart started it all. A Montessori educator and Pikler pedagogy in training. She adores being a homeschooling mom to her spirited daughters. She is an aspiring author, accidental blogger, amateur librarian, and children’s book aficionado. Oh, and she’s head over heels about storytelling and shares her love of the African and its diaspora through books.


Proud Papa of 3

Alex blissfully turns endless pages of books with diverse characters for his little ones. A history junky dedicated to building bridges for Austrian children to touch diverse books. He’s hands-on and handles all of ReadWheel’s needs, great and small. He often questions his decision to live in Europe when he thinks back on his stint as a cocoa farmer in Ghana.

Simon Jason


Simon Jason (affectionately “SJ”) is a sociologist and licensed therapist with a knack for searching deserving books to stock in our library. He holds a gift for building deep relationships with books and bibliotherapy, and spunk for just about everything, except perhaps his wife’s romance novel collection.


Librarian since 9 years of age

Tjaša held her first ‘job’ at 9 years old in her local library. An ardent learner who loves to solve problems, and figure things out. She shares her passion for all things books to help ReadWheel. She has decades of experience working in libraries. She also has a deep affection for feline friends.


Mother to 3 lucky girls

Ruqayya is a book lover whose greatest joy comes from empowering other families to achieve their book needs. Above all, she’s a mother to three lucky girls and wife who will always seek children’s literature that aligns with her Islamic faith.

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