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We want to hear your challenges

For almost all the normal day-to-day family struggles, there’s a book available to help support adults and children gain understanding about what is happening to them, the situation and any others involved. For parents, this can be a rapid remedy to help start mending behaviors, saving time and frustration. There’s great relief in knowing that your child is not so unique, and other families also experience similar problem situations. You can get through it.


The concept behind Book Apotheke is to let parents know that a children’s book may be an additional resource to help family members understand a problem in a calm, respectful interaction.  Tell us the challenges you’re facing with your child and we’ll research appropriate books to help.  And if you find yourself in a situation where there’s no book about it, then its time to write.


Please know that we are always here to support you with your diverse children’s book needs. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know and we’ll work together to find what you’re looking for.

How it Works

  1. Tell us about your child or family situation and what you’re looking for.
  2. Our eager bookworms call on years of reading and research to select 3-5 books just for you.
  3. We’ll deliver your recommendations and ask if we can share your request on our platform, and you can go read on.
Is Book Apotheke available outside of Austria?

Absolutely, this service is available to readers worldwide.  We’re only an email away

How long will it take to get my recommendations?

Email recommendations arrive by email within 2 weeks from submission.

Will I get to give feedback about my book Apotheke’s recommendation?

Yes, we want to hear your feedback about your recommendations.

Can I give a book Apotheke service as a gift?

In this case, tell us about the family you’re book searching for and we’ll send you the list.

What happens if I am recommended a book I have already read?

We will offer you another recommendation list, we encourage you to give us as much information possible about your child and history so we can try to avoid overlap.

Can I ask for another search if I am not happy with the recommended list?

Yes. Just write us a feedback message, and we’ll do our best to find other titles.

Can schools and organizations send a request?

We warmly welcome everyone and are happy to help organizations diversify their libraries.

How much does Book Apotheke service cost?

It’s a free service. If you decide to buy the books we recommended through Amazon, we will ask you to use our Amazon affiliate link.

What kinds of books will you recommend to me?

Children’s books from many terms of genre, category, subject matter, etc. Your book needs will guide us to find the best possible or whatever you ask for!

More questions?

 Please email us at

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