Increasing access to diverse books.


Helping create inclusive classrooms.

School Initiative (Partnership)

How it Works

  1.     You, the educator, contact us.
  2.     We send you the link to our online School Partnership library.
  3.     Children, Parents, Educators and the School all choose their desired books.
  4.     We deliver directly to you, weekly or monthly, as requested.

Why consider a school Initiative?

  • Educators are student role models. When teachers use diverse children’s literature in the classroom, children are more likely to request and prefer such books for leisure reading, too.
  • Children in bilingual schools typically come from families with more global backgrounds. The ReadWheel mobile library assists these children as they navigate culturally diverse environments outside of school.
  • Teachers use discussion to impact attitudes, create awareness and increase respect about cultures other than one’s own. Reading books outside of a child’s personal experiences challenges the feeling of being an outsider.
  • Children in minority groups see positive representations in books, reading about characters and lives reflective of their own experience. This supports comprehension and articulation of their own story and identity.
  • Social mainstream families become exposed to the literature of children in different cultural groups. Mainstream families have valuable exposure reading about children who look and live differently from them and yet discover quickly their similarities.
  • All children benefit from early contact with books that feature diverse characters.

We welcome partnerships with bilingual schools, private libraries, nurseries, kindergartens, churches, playgroups, children’s charities, non-profits, hospitals, specialized schools, family centers… pretty much any and every organization serving children seeking diverse books!

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