Increasing access to diverse books.

Library of request


Library of request


34 diverse books dangled at the Zoom Children Museum last year around this time for Wiener Festwochen 2019.  A collaborated exhibition by the Library of Requests and Schwarze Frauen Community.  Local activists, community organizers, authors, readers and lovers of children’s literature were called upon to contribute to curating an inclusive and empowering list for the exhibit.


ReadWheel recommended (I like Myself, I am Enough, It’s okay to be different, Mein Weg mit Vanessa, Don’t touch my hair, Am I a Color Too?). The motivation behind our choices was to promote narratives that addressed topics, such as self-acceptance, self-love, exploring identities, and self-advocacy. All of these topics are relevant in the lives of families in Vienna’s black community. As an attendee, I was extremely impressed at the range of titles for black children and youth.

One of the greatest gifts, you can give a child are lenses to see who they are and have it reflected in a book. The exhibit gave families a chance to enjoy books they wouldn’t normally spot on their local library shelves.  The books will empower children to read more and help them love themselves. The titles serve its purpose for the SFC families in their organizational library. We’re glad to have been able to contribute to the list.

If you missed it last year, the downloadable list is still available at You can also read our blog post reviewing one of the books we recommended Am I a Color Too? By Heide Cole.

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