Increasing access to diverse books.


Searching for the right book

Based in Vienna, the maroon family van travels across Austria custom loaded with diverse books for each event. Packed with more than 1.000+ books for on-site browsing only. The van sets up a Pop-Up Library in community spaces.  Readers get to choose from a wide selection of diverse book themes and topics. Everyone is invited to pop in to browse, play and enjoy reading with us.


Be on the lookout for our next event at a location near you! We make our way to intercultural events and festivals, including book-related events, parks, Donau Island events, sidewalks in shopping districts, summer theaters, Christmas markets, and farmer’s markets. Stocked with books, new and used, for sale upon request of organizers.


Our program inspires the love of reading in children who often otherwise do not have easy access to diverse literature.

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